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 shadow training with father

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PostSubject: shadow training with father   Sun Sep 12, 2010 7:07 pm

It was getting late in the day the sky was orange with a slight shade of purple as the sun was sitting just above the horizon. Sheenu had just gotten back from his daily jog around the city. This was Sheenu’s usually routine he would go to the academy learn what he could then before go home he would do some form of training and today was a jog. Today made things different though because Sheenu’s father Shaku has agreed to train him further in his shadow imitation technique so that one day he could learn more family traits.

Sheenu had arrived in the small house he called home feeling slightly fatigued with sweat covering his brow. It was brown in color both siding and roof with 2 windows and a total of three rooms in the house. One was for Sheenu, one for his parents and the last of course the living quarters where the cooking and eating and family time was spent. As he walked in he used his shirt that was around his shoulders to wipe the sweat off his face and then he grabbed a glass of water to quench his thirst after in which he sat down for dinner with his mother and father.

“So you said you train me today me dad remember,” Sheenu said cutting through the silence of the dinner.

Shaku caulked his head slighty as if trying to remember something “really that was today, I thought that was supposed to be tomorrow?”

The mention of this made his shoulders drop because this was the type of thing his father did every day, push it off to another day. Sheenu decided to once again try to argue the fact “Dad you do this every day, I mention training and you always conveniently remember promising me another day and then we argue about it for a while and then by the time you agree it is night and then we are forced to do it another day because shadow imitation technique is useless at night”

Shaku let out a long sigh as he arose from his seat and he started stretch his arms and legs as he said to his son “all right Sheenu I see that you are very determined to be a successful Nara like the rest of our family so lets go outside and we can work on it for a while seems how it is dusk and the shadows right now are best for you to practice and master you skill with”

With that said he eyes brightened up like the sun and with his shoulders and head held high he followed his father outside to master his skills some more and get him closer to his title of Genin.

Word count: 461
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PostSubject: Re: shadow training with father   Sun Sep 12, 2010 7:35 pm

(Wow impressive)

Most gamers prefer shooters to rpgs. If you are the few that dont, copy and paste into your sig.

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shadow training with father

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